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Our Approach

Our approach: On our toes and on your side

We focus on delivering what you and your customers need. We provide insurance and reinsurance solutions for brokers, underwriters, insurance companies, third party administrators and aggregators; from SME businesses to multi-nationals.

Exploiting a new market opportunity becomes faster and easier.  You tell us what’s required, we custom-build solutions or identify the best distribution channel. We’re specialist Lloyd’s brokers, and experts at bringing insurance products, providers and distributors together.

We’re also experienced at troubleshooting, if you have issues with your existing insurance relationships.

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Our Services

Our insurance services: Made to your measurements

We know our markets and we’re open to doing things differently, to get the results you want.

We work closely with you to design a wide range of insurance products and services. We use our established global networks of insurance, reinsurance and distribution partners to find underwriting capacity and deliver products to market. 

Everything we do is supported by our state-of-the-art technology. And we take the pain out of delivering insurance by providing a range of administrative services.

We have dedicated capacity already lined up for new clients – contact us to find out more.

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Our People

Our people: Creative, honest, expert

Our team are all specialists in their insurance fields – whether that’s striking deals, finding opportunities, broking or creating the technological framework.

We enjoy using our expertise and relationships to help launch unproven products, nurturing them to maturity. And we’re happy to do that through advice and consultancy or by investing in a mutual business.

Clients call us trustworthy, responsive and plain-speaking. They tell us we deliver on our promises. Read on for more client recommendations.

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Our Resources

Our resources: Partners, technology, global reach

Our deals and partnerships are underpinned by our 25-year relationship with Lloyd’s of London and other leading insurers.

We help brokers, underwriters and distributors by providing complementary products and consultancy services, culminating in market enabling solutions.

We’re backed by the Collinson Group, and benefit from their retail know-how, their global contact centres and technical services.

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